The Cafeteria Service at Hibiscus International School aims to provide palatable, high-quality, and nutritious food to students, faculty and staff members with a variety of choices at affordable prices. In order to create a 'cashless environment' that makes things easier and faster, students use Touch and Go cards (also functioning as student IDs) to pay for the meals.

The School Café is supervised by duty members of the teaching staff during break and lunch times.

A complete weekly menu of the School Café is provided below:


  Meal Beverage
Monday Pancakes Juice/Milk/Tea
Tuesday Breakfast Cereal Juice/Milk/Tea
Wednesday Omelets and bread Juice/Milk/Tea
Thursday Cheese Sandwich Juice/Milk/Tea
Friday Scrambled Eggs Juice/Milk/Tea


  Meal Salad Beverage
Monday Doner Chicken + Butter Rice Mixed Salad Ice Lemon Tea
Tuesday Vegetable Kebab + Butter Rice Yoghurt Salad Yogurt/Ayran
Wednesday Porched Chicken + Butter Rice Mixed Salad Lemonade
Thursday Doner Chicken + Butter Rice Yoghurt Salad Ice Lemon Tea
Friday Eggplant Kebab + Butter Rice Mixed Salad Turkish Tea
All time side menu
French Fries, Hot Dog, Nuggets, Curry Puff, Sutlac (Rice Pudding), Baklava, Kabak Tatlisi (Oven baked pumpkin in syrup), Seker Pare (Sweet Dish), Spaghetti & Macaroni