Extra curricular activities at Hibiscus International School are taken very seriously with care. Debate Club or Debate Society at our school is given special attention and significance.

The origin of debating dates back to the Greek times where discourse was crucial for the progression of democracy and representative governance.

Contrary to popular belief, debating is not about arguing for the sake of it. Debating is a co-curricular activity focuses on two core aspects of development:

  1. Equipping students with specialized knowledge in multiple areas of study and global importance,
  2. Equipping students with the necessary critical thinking and analytical skills to comprehend complex theories and principles of knowledge.

HIBISCUS offers debating as a co-curricular activity in order to complex the curricular goals of not only educating students but creating global citizens out of these students.
Debating has, over the years, assisted students worldwide in becoming eloquent speakers, fine writers and better citizens. The rigorous process of analysis, as a pre-requisite, in debating assists students in better understanding materials of knowledge they are presented with. In addition, it also shifts the mind of the student from the consumption of knowledge (in the form of memorizing) to the internalization of knowledge (in the form of logical understanding and interpretation).